Animal Aid is a private animal welfare organization dedicated to saving injured dogs & cats; helping pets find loving homes, and encouraging respect and awareness for the rights of companion animals.

A History of Animal Aid


Animal Aid of Tulsa was incorporated on February 17, 1961, by a group of wonderfully caring people, including the writer of these stories - our founder Helen Dawson.

When Animal Aid was formed, there were no animal control laws in Tulsa, or certainly none enforced. I began animal rescue with a station wagon and an army blanket. Janet Hutto soon joined me, and we were a good team. We were careful to tell the animals we were there to help them, and they seemed to understand. For those we couldn't help, we called the nearest veterinary hospital and they sent aid. We learned that only a veterinarian can properly examine and diagnose an animal. We established a working relationship with veterinarians to personally treat our animals, instead of using an animal shelter.

One cold day, I rescued a dog lying in front of the Children's Medical Center. I threw my coat over her before taking her to a veterinarian. Later, I received a Christmas card from the Frey family, showing Tammy the rescued dog. What a thrill!


Very soon we had many expenses, so we decided to have a rummage sale on west Archer. Janet brought some of her unwanted wedding gifts, and I brought whatever I could find. Later, we raised money through our thrift shops. The first shop was in an unused part of a grocery store. Other shops followed. The current shop handles quality merchandise at reasonable prices and is a blessing of financial support.


When I want to be cheered up, I call Edna McCoy, a volunteer in charge of Lost & Found. Working out of her home, she reunites owners with their pets by keeping accurate records of animals reported lost and those reported found. I have always believed that Edna is one of God's angels, producing daily miracles. Just recently she reunited a 16 year old deaf and blind dog with it's owner.


I have met so many kind people who have helped me in this work. One of the loveliest was Betty Edwards, who helped me care for kittens in her home in Berryhill. Animal Aid cannot be everywhere, but its tireless volunteers do work throughout the Tulsa area.


I believe that God has blessed Animal Aid since its beginning, and that His hand is on us as we go about our task of helping His creatures!


May Animal Aid long continue with God's help, and may many other volunteer groups spring up to help those who can't help themselves.


Helen Dawson passed away in 1997, about a year after writing the above. Helen left with more than memories. Her work and compassion for God's helpless creatures will always continue through the Animal Aid organization.